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My name is Jacob Siegelbaum. I am an artist who sculpts and casts resin figures. I've always had a fascination with art ever since I was given a crayons and piece of paper.  Just letting my mind roam free as I glide across the page, drawing whatever came to mind. 

When I was 10 years old, I started sculpting my creations and selling the pieces for Autism Awareness. Over the years I have found my niche and have come to know the world of resin casting. I came to learn about the Designer Collectible and Art Toy scene by traveling to many different art shows, getting to know many great people and artists; I’ve been developing my craft all the way through.

I am currently an ’Artist in Residence’ of TenaciousToys.com, and have shown my works in many art shows and galleries.  My pieces can be purchased directly from me, and you can find exclusives at Designer Toys shops like TenaciousToys.com and SuburbanVinyl.com.

This year I  won the "Andrew Presberg, Promising Young Artist Award" and "Huntington Fine Arts Honorable Mention Award" in Heckscher Museum's 2016 Long Island's Best Competition.

 I have been a Guest Artist at New York Comicon for the past 4 years and even sat on a Designer Toy Q&A Panel at NYCC in 2013. I have attended many different conventions, selling and showing off my work to thousands of people!

I have developed high level skills in Molding and Casting, doing work for amazing artists like Ian Ziobrowski, Brent Nolasco, Tavon Reynolds and others.  I take on Commissions and recently created two figures for movie director, James Balsamo from Acid Bath Productions. I am only 15 years old and I am just getting started!

My experiences, as well as the support and advice from the artists and the people I've met along the way, have shaped me as the artist and businessman you see today. 

I continue work in my Art studio/bedroom everyday, sitting at my desk, sculpting new ideas and trying to perfect my craft. I hope you enjoy my work, and pick up a piece or two. I work hard to make the best quality pieces for people to enjoy.

Drop me a line and say hello, I love input and am always willing to answer questions and offer advice for people new to the scene. 

If you purchase one of my pieces, let me know what you think, or better yet, post a photo on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, and tag me #JAMSART #JACOBJAMS.

I am a social guy


This year will be my 5th year at NYCC as a Guest Artist.

I used about 4 gallons of Silicone and 6 gallons of Resin This year.

I've created over 30 Original Figures!

I'm a Serious Movie Buff!

The Great NY Noodletown in NYC is my Favorite Restaraunt!

I Exclusively use Smooth-On Products.