New York Comic Con Tenacious Toys Exclusives!

Introducing my edition to the Tenacious Toys Exclusive for this years line up!

The We Bear Bares: IceBear Edition Figure Set!!

These icy bears are made of solid, translucent blue resin, and are fully stackable! For $15 a set, I would say that's a pretty COOL deal!

Pick up your very own frozen figure set at Tenacious Toys Booth #309.

I'll be at the booth, signing figures at 12pm on Sunday at NewYork Comic Con!!

Limited to 20 sets, these guys'll be gone quick so grab em' up while you can!

I will also have my Original, Hand Painted and Stackable, We Bear Bares figures for $15.

Don't forget the Nurikabe, for those of you who got one in the Resin is King Blind Box series. I'll be happy to sign the Nurikabe as well."

So don't forget!!

NY Comic Con at the Tenacious Toys Booth #309.

I will be there as a guest artist, 12pm on Sunday, October 9th!

Come down, say hello. I can't wait to see you there!!!


Resin is King Series 3.

I am SUPER-Excited to announce that that I have been chosen as one of the Ten Artists asked to participate in the “Resin is King: Series 3”.

For those of you who don’t know, Resin is King is a concept developed by Brian Ahlbeck of Dead Hand Toys and Benny Kline of Tenacious Toys.

The Ten Artists are: Me! (Jacob "JAMS" Siegelbaum), Dead Hand Toys (Brian Ahlbeck), NEMO (Mike Mendez), Magitarius, UME Toys (Richard Page). The Angry Artist (Matt Anderson), The Jelly Empire, Argonaut Resins (Eric Nocella Diaz), Forces of Dorkness (Scott Kinebrew) and Taylored Curiosities.

Resin is King is a blind-boxed series, so you don’t know which piece you’ll get. All the pieces are just under 3” inches tall. Each artist was asked to contribute 10 pieces for a total of 100 blind boxes. Each 10 piece run will be the same sculpt, but there may be different colors or Chase variants. There will also be a Golden Ticket included randomly in one, or more, of the boxes. Each blind box will be $30.

Boxes will include a numbering system on the bottom so you don’t pick two from the same artists, smart huh?

My Piece, ‘The Baby Nurikabe’ is based on a Japanese Yokai. There will be 6 Translucent colors and 4 Sparkle Variants in this series.

You may have seen my full-sized, 6.5” x 5” tall, Nurikabe at last years NY Comicon. I love the Nurikabe's back story and enjoyed sculpting this character so much that I decided to make a Baby version.

The Nurikabe is a Japanese spirit, or Yokai, meaning “Painted-Wall”.

"Little is known about the true appearance of Nurikabe because these Yokai are usually said to be invisible. During the Japanese Edo period, however, artists began to illustrate this creature, giving it an appearance somewhere between a grotesque, fantastic beast and a flat, white wall. The Nurikabe appear mysteriously on roads late at night. As a traveler is walking, right before his or her eyes, an enormous, invisible wall materializes and blocks the travelers way. There is no way to slip around this yokai, it extends itself as far as to the left and right as one might try to go. There is no way over it either, nor can it be knocked down. However, it is said that if one taps it near the ground with a stick, it will vanish, allowing the traveler to continue on his or her way."

Resin is King Series 3 will be released at NY Comicon at the Tenacious Toys Booth #309. I will be there as a guest artist, stay tuned for dates and times!!

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